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In here you'll find quick guides on different productivity methods, tips and tricks on how to use Llama Life, as well as honest and open insights, stories and advice from our ADHD community! 

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Advice and stories from our ADHD community

If you've recently been diagnosed with ADHD, or have an inkling you may be an ADHDer, you're not alone. Our ADHD community is very open about their ADHD journeys, and are happy to share their insights. 

Click below 👇🏽 to read about their ADHD diagnosis journeys, their career advice, what they love most about their ADHD brains, and their biggest ADHD challenges and a tip to help! 

Quick productivity guides 

If you're interested to try out different popular productivity methods to see if any (or a few) may work for you, we've got quick guides on how to Eat the Cake, Eat the Frog and the Pomodoro Method. 

Click below 👇🏽 to start! 

​Tips & tricks on how to make the most of Llama Life! 

On our mission to help people have calm, focused productivity - it's important to us that Llama Life is easy to use and navigate. 

But, that doesn't mean there isn't tips and tricks to share! 

Collated from our incredible community, these tips and tricks might help you to use features in a way you hadn't thought of yet! Or even use certain features together to help tackle a productivity issue! 

Click below 👇🏽 to start! 

If you've got a tip to share, please do! 

Free websites to help your focus, de-stress, or have fun!

We're big fans of free cool websites that can help clear our minds, have some fun, AND destress, even if it's only for a few minutes (especially if so!). 

These sites are especially useful for those times throughout the day when you're feeling stressed... and when that stress starts to affect your focus, how you manage your attention, and of course, your productivity. 

We've collated our favorite sites for you... click below 👇🏽

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