There are a ton of different productivity methods out there for you to try. To make things super simple, we've created some very quick and easy to digest guides to help get you started. Cake anyone? 

Should you Eat the Cake? 🍰

Eating the Cake is all about starting momentum easily, quickly, or in the most stress free way as possible. 

Should you Eat the Frog? 🐸

Eating the Frog is all about starting with the hardest or most important thing on your list e.g the slimy frog! 

Should you try the Pomodoro Method? 🍅

Not about tomatoes, but about breaking up your time into consistent and regular intervals of 25 mins, with breaks. 

Should you time block

One time block = One focus. 

3 tips to help you single task

Forget multi-tasking, it's a myth! 

4 tips to help you improve your focus

Four super simple tips that we swear by. 

Is there a specific productivity method you're interested to try? Let us know if so

Your Llama Life team, 

Marie, Nhi & Guille 🫶🏼

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