Our ADHD Community 

We connected with our ADHD community and asked about their ADHD diagnosis journey, their careers, what they love about their unique brains, and some advice on the things they find most challenging. 

My ADHD diagnosis

Being diagnosed with ADHD is in a way, finding a long-lost key 🗝️ that unlocks some of the mysteries of who you are. 

Some answers are explained, which can bring on a feeling of understanding and on some level, explanations.

But with that discovery comes a wave of emotions—a mix of frustration, anger, and sorrow. 😖😠😔

The good news is that, within this rollercoaster of emotions lies a glimmer of hope. 🌈

ADHD isn't the end of the road - it's the start of a new journey full of unique strengths and endless possibilities. 💛

We know this for a fact! ☀️

My ADHD Career Advice 

Finding the right job when you have ADHD can be like solving a tricky puzzle. 🧩

The usual job stuff—like sticking to routines and meeting deadlines—can sometimes feel like swimming upstream. 

But there is a bright side! Your ADHD brain is bursting with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. ☀️ 

My favorite thing about my ADHD brain

Living with ADHD isn't just about challenges; it's also about embracing the extraordinary gifts that come with your way of thinking. 🧠

From hyperfocus that transforms us into unstoppable forces to our boundless creativity that knows no bounds, there's a lot to love about the ADHD brain.

My biggest ADHD challenge and one tip

Living with ADHD can mean facing a myriad of hurdles, from battling procrastination to struggling with time management and everything in between. 

We hope you find this helpful with your own journey! 🫶🏼

Your Llama Life team, 

~Marie, Nhi & Guille 🫶🏼

P.S A big thank you to our community members who were so open with their personal ADHD journey, stories and advice, and willingness to be part of this! My Lady ADHDMrs Smyth Made ThisLearning CompassADHD JesseDt.PerryLa Neuro PicanteADHD Empowerment CoachingMind Over Matter with EmmaThe ADHD EntrepreneurHummingbird ADHDShimmerShelpfulADHD Nutritionist and Llama Life founder, Marie Ng.

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