We're big fans of free cool websites that can help you focus, have some fun, AND destress, even if it's only for a few minutes (especially if so!). 

These sites are especially useful for those times throughout the day when you're feeling stressed... and when that stress starts to affect your focus, how you manage your attention, and of course, your productivity. 

We've collated our favorite sites for you below! 👇🏽

Outside of Fidget Page and Shhh Noise, which we created, we are not affiliated with any of the below listed sites. We simple enjoy them and think you may too. 

Fidget Page 

Starting with one of our very own, Fidget Page is the virtual spinner you never knew you needed... 

But now can't get enough of 😃

Fluid Stimulation

Simply move your mouse around to create a mesmerizing stream of colors. 

Feel your worries melt away as the colors change with each movement. 

Future Letter

Something on your mind? 

Or, maybe just want to send advice to...  who else, but your future self.  

Infinite Flowers

Watch a minute of this infinite zooming painting whilst focusing on the colors and your breathing. 

My Retro TVs 

Finished your tasks for the day and want to relive the nostalgia of the past decades through virtual TVs? This is your site. 

Nomadic Ambience 

There are a lot of ASMR accounts on Youtube, but this one is one of our favorites! 


With the touch of your fingers, create different melodies mixed with moving shapes. Warning: contains flashing images.

Perfect Circle 

We thought we could draw a pretty good circle until we tried and our top score was... 92%. Let's see how you go! 

Pixel Thoughts

A super simple way to get what's bothering you out of your mind. 

Type it out, then start the 60 second meditation to help feel calmer. 

Quick, Draw

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodling? Yes! Our doodles were awful, yet it was quick to guess correctly! 

Radio Garden

Listen to what's playing right now across the world. 


A time machine for music! Pick the location and decade to explore music from another time (and place). 


Try to stack some rocks, whilst you hear the waves crashing behind you. 

Shadow Art

Got a few minutes between tasks? Try your hands at the ancient art of shadow puppetry. 

It's harder then it looks. No? It's probably just us. 😅

Shhh Noise 

Another one of Llama Life's own creations, Shhh Noise is a simple way to make your own Soundscape to listen to whilst you work through your task list. 

Short Trip

An interactive illustration, move the little cat along on its journey, and you'll find yourself relaxing as if you were on the tram ride with it. 

Stained Glass Smash

Feeling frustrated or stressed? 

Let it all out whilst you smash your own virtual stained glass window, and make a masterpiece whilst you're at it! 


A realistic sky map which shows you what you would see if you looked up at the stars, around the world. 

The Zen Zone

A minimalistic meditation area designed to help calm you down via the power of small, simple, and engaging activities. Enjoy! 

This is Sand

Create and share incredible sandscapes out of virtual sand, whilst listening to the sand pour while you add layer after layer. 

THX Deep note 

If you've ever been in a cinema, car, or live event, you'll know the THX Deep Note. It's embedded in our brains, and remains one of the most recognisable sounds in the world. 


Make music as you type! 

Each letter you type corresponds with a specific musical note - then listen (and enjoy) your unique composition. Ahhh music to our ears. 

If you know of any other sites that should be added, let us know


Your Llama Life team, 

Marie, Nhi & Guille 🫶🏼

P.S You can find other free resources here