Love for the 30/30 app

We love receiving emails from our users and sometimes emails start with something like this...

"I've been looking for a replacement for the 30/30 app for aaages..." 

"I loved the 30/30 app and then it disappeared, literally, just ghosted me..."

And our very favourite...

"When 30/30 disappeared, I thought all was lost, until I found Llama Life! You saved me." Wow. 

Ok, we hear you loud and clear, a lot of productivity enthusiasts and people struggling with getting tasks done alike, loved the 30/30 app. 

Llama Life and the 30/30 app 

On our mission to creating a tool to help all our users have calm, focused productivity, we've added a lot of features which we feel will be able to help if you're searching for a replacement for the now defunct 30/30 app. 

At our core, Llama Life and 30/30 are both time management tools that help users stay on track by allowing them to create a list of tasks, and setting a specific amount of time for each task.

Llama Life productivity app showing task timers and preset lists

Llama Life features

Specifically speaking, Llama Life is designed to feel simple (we know how feeling overwhelmed can derail things), be fun to use (dopamine!), and allows you to personalize the experience to how your brain works. 

We've incorporated timeboxing and the Pomodoro Technique, however have allowed room for flexibility as we know there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for productivity methods

Increase your focus and time 

Setting a fixed amount of time for each task, helps intensify focus and encourages working on one thing at a time.

Sometimes it helps to start with a small timer and build your way up - you can set timers as little as 1 minute, or several hours...the choice is yours.

Use alarms that work for you

We have a range of alarms including:

  • Silent/Visual - no sound, flashes color when time is up. Perfect for when you're in a meeting. 
  • Nag Alarm - plays sound when time is up, then reminds you every minute until you turn it off.
  • Continuous - plays sounds when time is up, then plays continuously until you turn it off.

Set gentle reminders to stay on track 

We're constantly surrounded by potential distractions, and sometimes need a reminder to bring our attention back to the task.

Llama Life can play a soft chime at an interval of your choosing. For example, you can have a 30 minute timer which plays an alarm at the end, but also have a chime play every 6 minutes within that.

Understand what time tasks start and end

See the start and end time for each task on your list.

You'll also be able to see your total list time and estimated finishing time, to help you better plan your day.

When your timer ends, capture the extra time

There may be times when you're in flow, and want to keep working after the timer ends.

When the timer hits 00:00, Llama Life starts counting the extra time spent, so all time is accounted for.

Create templated lists to save time

Create 'Preset Lists' for tasks you perform together, or are recurring, eg 'Morning' can include a number of tasks that you do every morning. 

Presets can then be loaded into your main list with a few clicks.

Llama Life preset lists of recurring tasks

Have fun whilst being productive

Along with our options to personalize your experience with colors and emojis, we also celebrate each and every task completed with confetti. 

Better understand the passage of time 

Unlike other timers, Llama Life's pie timer shows 'remaining time' in an absolute sense. This means a 10 minute slice of time always looks the same, and will appear double the size of a 5 minute slice.

The abstract concept of time now feels more concrete.

Drown out distracting noises

Replace the unwanted noises around you with lovely background sounds. You'll be able to choose sounds from a beach, forest, thunderstorm, and wind. 

Pick task colors and emojis

You can personalize each task you can choose an emoji and background color. This helps to visually group similar tasks together or highlight tasks which need to stand out.

Integrate with your existing workflow

Work with your favorite tools by importing tasks from Todoist and Notion (Notion integration in Beta) into Llama Life with just a few clicks.​

Understand how you're spending your time

Llama Life will show you a simple report on the tasks you've completed and how much time they took.

A great alternative to try 

If you're a fan of the 30/30 app and keen for an alternative, give Llama Life a go! 

And please let us know your thoughts! 

A llama wearing sunglasses with text Llama Life is the most fun you'll have with your to-do list