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Decisions, decisions, decisions 

This is going to give you an inside view of the workings of my mind.. but I use the Eisenhower Matrix all the time. Doesn’t everyone? 😅 I feel that the need to make decisions whether in personal or professional life is at a constant. Anything that can help me do this quickly and efficiently is a win in my books!

What is the Eisenhower Matrix? 

As in 34th President of the United States. He had an incredibly productive life which you can read about here. This matrix is a decision making tool which Eisenhower used consistently, it aids your productivity as it considers the importance and urgency of what’s on your to-do list. Think Urgent vs Important!

The matrix in action

Who has time (or energy) to do time wasting tasks? (things that fall into Eliminate)

Well, we all do when we haven’t clued onto the fact that it’s time wasting. 🤦🏻‍♀️

As outlined below, everything becomes clearer when you plot it out in the matrix. Especially the time wasting tasks!

Some examples of how I’ve used the matrix over the weekend and this morning:​

  • Meal prepping > Important but didn’t need to be done by me > Delegate > Hubby did it
  • Finalise this blog > Clear deadline and consequences if not done > Do it > Completed
  • 3km walk > Important for health but didn’t have to be done urgently > Schedule it > Completed during break
  • Finish watching Love is Blind > Not urgent or important (arguably haha)> Eliminate > Watch later tonight if kids go to bed early enough

Some decisions are almost automatic, some are not

For example, if things have visible deadlines and consequences then you may not have to use the matrix at all. Other things may need a few seconds for you to determine. Then there are those tasks where you need to really weigh up how important and urgent it is. Think of these when you feel yourself procrastinating.

Everyday we are bombarded with a long list of things to do

Use your now thorough understanding of the Eisenhower matrix to work out priorities, ensuring you've considered your not-to-do list. Then add your priorities for today into Llama Life, a tool designed to help you experience calm, focused productivity, and you’re off to a fantastic start! 

Good luck and let us know how you go! 🦙

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