Your time is truly precious! 

Forget diamonds, rubies and pearls. Your time is the most precious of all!

Although the amount of time we have each day is the same, the way we spend it changes regularly. 

Some days we feel super productive. On other days, we wonder where the day has gone 🤯.

Let's focus on those super productive days. Those days where we feel we could achieve anything (because we can!!), when everything was clear as to why tasks were important, andddd we stuck to our boundaries.

Let's make an agreement to have more of those days! 🙌🏻

Sooo, how do we better protect our time? 🤔

Why and when should you say 'no'?

Saying 'yes' when you really don't want to does everyone a disservice, especially, you.

It's not great for you, as your heart isn't in it for a multitude of reasons. And now some of your limited time will be spent doing something that may not be important to you.

Saying 'no' can be difficult... we don't want to let anyone down. But, by not saying 'no' you may be letting yourself down instead. 😔

Finding it hard to say 'no' could also come from feeling imposter syndrome. When you doubt yourself, you may find it difficult to say 'no' as you feel you need to prove yourself, your skills, or your position at work. 

Saying No is a full sentence

How to say 'no' convincingly

Reminder, 'no' is a full sentence. But if you need a bit more support then that... 

When it comes to saying no with conviction, try:

Not responding straight away. 

If you have time (maybe it was an email or SMS request), give yourself some time before you respond. Evaluate if it's something that's important to you first before responding.

Double check your priorities and boundaries. 

When you're clear about your goals, priorities and what else is going on this week, it'll be easier to say 'no' when things pop up.

No apologies, or long story needed. 

When we say 'no' we often feel like we need to explain in great detail why. The truth is, you don't. Simply saying 'sorry, but I won't have time for that this week' is enough!

Offer an alternative. 

At times, you may want to say 'yes', but the timing just isn't right. In those situations, suggest an alternative time that works well for you.

Suggest another resource or person. 

If it's a request you can't commit to, but you know someone else who may be interested, offer to suggest or introduce them.

Put together a 'Do not do' list

This is a list of behaviours, activities, or habits that you don’t want to do (or are trying not to do), across your work and/or personal life. 

Keep it somewhere you can find easily, and refer to it often!

Here's to saying 'no' more often and 'yes' to things that bring us closer to our goals! 🫶🏼